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Terms & Conditions

SkirtingBoards.com and associated websites and companies operate under trade only terms and conditions on a business to business including sole traders and local authorities.

No other warranties either express or implied by law are made with respect to these goods.

The information you give us will only be used for the purposes of the sale and facilitating the services we offer you. We may, on occasion use these details to contact you regarding offers we have available that we believe may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to be contacted you may tell us.

Any agreements made which are beyond these terms and conditions are made on a without prejudice basis and may be withdrawn at any time at the companies sole discretion. At no point will any communications of any sort become implied terms, and the terms and conditions below will be binding unless the company explicitly states the contrary.

  1. Pricing:

    1. All prices are subject to change and availability.

    2. Prices quoted will be subject to the current VAT rate, which at time of writing stands at 20% on all purchases

    3. Delivery will be quoted per order according to the current pricing from selected couriers, the delivery quoted may not be the actual delivery cost which you may be liable to cover in its entirity in a circumstance where you are liable to pay for carriage charges, be it as the result of cancellation, return, or otherwise. This is further addressed in: Deliveries

    4. Payments may be made via our online checkout system or other merchant terminals such as Google Checkout / Paypal where indicated, and otherwise payments will be accepted by debit / credit card or bank transfer only. Cash and cheques are not currently accepted. We will charge 3% of the transaction fee where credit cards are used.

    5. If when asked, you do not inform us that you are paying with a Credit Card, we will make an additional charge of 3% of the transaction value. We may waive this charge at our sole discretion.

    6. Under normal circumstances payment is required up front, however we occassionally allow payment within 7 days. If payment is not made within 7 days an additional £200+VAT charge will be applied plus daily interest of 1%

  2. Product Descriptions & Specifications

    1. Skirting Boards‚ Items sold described as skirting boards are intended for use at the base of a wall. We cannot guarantee their effective use for any other purpose, although they may be used as substitute moulding in other areas

    2. Architrave‚ Items sold described as architrave are intended for use to surround a doorway, and a set is taken to mean the surround of one door, on one side. A double set is taken to mean a doorway wider than standard width‚ which is normally 1m‚ 1.2m. We cannot guarantee their effective use for any other purpose, although they may be used as substitute moulding in other areas

    3. Adhesive‚ We may supply adhesive from a range of available manufacturers, which meet the criteria and serve the appropriate function. We cannot guarantee their effective use other than in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

    4. MDF means Medium Density Fibre‚

    5. Primed boards: Where we offer boards in a primed condition, they may appear rough to touch and may require sanding before a final coat of paint is applied.

    6. Sizes and specification: We will always confirm in your order the specification of materials being provided, which may at time to time differ from standard information on our websites. For example softwoods will vary in length according to the stock currently held, e.g. 4.5m, 4.8m etc. Where sizes are indicated, they may fluctuate according to the nature of the materials used, e.g. Timber lengths advertised as 3m lengths may be supplied as 3050mm or 2950mm according to availability. In this case, we always make best efforts to closely match the overall meterage ordered by supplying an additional length. Where you provide a custom design, but without measurements, we will produce the design on a best efforts basis to most closely represent the overall size or design required. Inaccuracies will not under these circumstances grant rights to a refund or cancellation.

    7. Profiles may vary from time to time, therefore samples are only an aesthetic representation of the finished design and may not reflect exact measurements of the final product. If exact measurements are required, they must be signed off on a separate profile confirmation diagram with dimensions and specifications cited on the document, and signed by the customer to confirm.

    8. If for one reason or another, on the basis of our expertise and judgement, we decide the structural integrity of the product requires an alternative specification to ensure a product will be delivered which is fit for purpose, we reserve the right to implement this change and will make efforts to ensure the finished installed product will be as similar as possible.

    9. If you do not specify any particular detail when placing your order, we will provide the most suitable and cost effective product according to the information you have given us. Generally this will mean 18mm thick MDF.

    10. Should you order multiple "Primed" products from us, we cannot guarantee that their finish qualities will be the same, as we may at our sole discretion provide all or part of your order in a superior quality of finish.

    11. The person fitting our products is assumed to be a professional, with competence and experience in fitting the products ordered. We will not be held liable in any way for any costs or otherwise associated with fitting the products we provide, nor roll-over costs from delayed schedules or otherwise.

    12. Natural timbers will vary in colour and grain, often to a substantial degree. This is an expected, accepted and natural occurrence in timbers.

    13. Softwood/Pine: In the case of pine, while a specific length will be quoted, this is used only as an average or guide length, and your order will match the total meterage rather than specific lengths. Actual lengths of material provided may vary due to the requirement of using mixed source material.

    14. Product dimensions may only be as accurate as those supplied by any third party manufacturer where applicable

  3. Your Order

    1. Your order will be confirmed within an invoice sent to you by email to an address you provide. This invoice will constitute a confirmation of your final order with us.

    2. All orders are formed as a business-to-business contract

    3. You are required to check your order invoice and alert us to any errors within 24 hours in order for it to be amended   without such notification, the order will be produced as per the invoice and any errors will not affect our cancelation policy.

    4. If you request a pro-forma invoice, this will constitute your acceptance of our terms and your confirmation of your order with our company. On the basis of a request for a pro-forma invoice, we may begin manufacture of your goods, and you will be liable for the full order value.

    5. Incorrect details on an invoice do not automatically allow you to cancel, rather your order will be amended.

  4. Your Details

    1. You must provide an accurate email address in order to receive the invoice. We will make best attempts to resend failed emails, however we cannot guarantee delivery if the information you provide to us is incorrect.

    2. You must provide an accurate contact telephone number for liaison both in relation to confirmation of details of the order, and in relation to the delivery of your goods. If no number is provided or is incorrect, we reserve the right to add any reasonable delay of delivery to our estimated delivery schedule.

    3. A company name must be provided on all orders, as they are business-to-business contracts however if no company/busines/trading name is provided, the contact name provided shall constitute a business / trading name in relation to the order

    4. An accurate billing address must be provided. Your payment method must be registered to this billing address. If this address proves to be invalid / incorrect, we reserve the right to apply charges in relation to verification of the payment, and we may also delay your order until we are able to verify a transaction to your billing address

    5. An accurate delivery address is required to receive the goods within the estimated schedule of delivery. This is further covered in (4. "Delivery")

  5. Delivery

    1. Delivery of your order will, under normal circumstances, be within 28 days of your order or sooner. We may make an estimate with regard to a delivery date, but this cannot be guaranteed.

    2. We will not under ANY circumstances be held responsible for costs / liabilities / penalties incurred due to a delivery not conforming with your construction schedule, scheduled workers, accessibility or suitability of ordered goods.

    3. Under normal circumstances you will be provided tracking information where available from the carrier in order to track the progress of a delivery however on occasion, no tracking information will be available.

    4. Delivery will require a signature upon delivery which will constitute your acceptance and confirmation that the correct goods have arrived in good condition. Damage caused in transit may not be claimed for without the delivery docet (POD) being marked as damaged‚ ('unchecked' will not be acceptable)

    5. If you decide to have the courier deliver your goods without a signature / OR you are not available for delivery, e.g. they are left outside / beside your property OR you have a third party sign for the goods, this does not relieve liability of confirmation and we cannot take responsibility for any damage during transit without being marked as 'damaged' and as such we cannot accept liability for damage

    6. If a delivery fails because you / someone is not available to receive the goods, we will not refund the shipping charges, and you will be charged an additional delivery fee for each additional delivery attempt.

    7. We may make partial shipments of your order, if only part of your order is ready for delivery at that time, OR if part of your order is damaged / defective in the original consignment. This must be noted on the original delivery document.

    8. If part of your order is missing upon delivery, you must mark the delivery docet "incomplete" in order to claim for missing goods

    9. If you or any person acting on your behalf rejects or refuses to accept a delivery you will be charged any carriage forwarding charge as well as a standard administration fee of £30

    10. Any additional charges charged to us by the courier, either for failed delivery attempts or carriage forwarding to an alternate address, will be charge on directly to you.

    11. Should you fail to make us aware that your delivery address is difficult to access with a large vehicle, such as an artic truck or curtain sider lorry, charges incurred by us will be charge on to you.

    12. The unloading of goods from the delivery van or truck is your responsibility. In some circumstances a driver may unload the goods for you, or help to unload the goods, but this is solely at the drivers discretion. If nobody is available to unload goods, the driver may need to arrange a re delivery, additional charges for which will be on charged to you.

    13. If for whatever reason your order arrives incomplete, incorrect or damaged, we have a further 28 days from the date you inform us, to make good on your order. If further confirmation of incomplete, incorrect or damaged orders is required by us, ie. through photographic evidence, 28 days will start from the day after this is provided.

    14. If you believe you have received incorrect items, you are required to accept delivery of these items so that we can arrange inspection or return as required. If you reject, refuse to accept or return goods you believe are incorrect, you will be charged as per 4.ix

  6. Cancelation:

    1. Cancelation terms will apply immediately upon point of sale

    2. We may allow cancellation at our sole discretion from the point of order, and cancelation terms apply immediately once the order has been received by us

    3. You have a duty throughout this period to retain possession of the goods and to take reasonable care of them, and you are liable for their condition.

    4. You may not cancel your order if any part of it is made to a custom design or specification not normally offered in our range

    5. If you decide to return your order, you must do so;

      1. At your own cost (if our company is invoiced for the return of the goods, we will charge you the direct cost of the invoice)

      2. In the original packaging

      3. In the original and resalable condition

      4. Within 7 days of cancelling the order

    6. If you do not return the goods, we may charge you for the direct cost of recovery of the goods, which you must make available for collection

    7. If you fail to return the goods and/or make them available for collection you are liable for their full value as well as any carriage charges

    8. If you decide to cancel your order, we cannot refund any carriage charges for the delivery, return or any part of the transit to/from your premises.

    9. If any part of the order is damaged upon return, we will deduct a reasonable percentage of the cost from any refund

    10. Cancellation must be made in writing and by post to the address given above, and must be followed up with a phone call.

    11. Your refund will be provided as soon as possible after cancellation, minus a 30% administration fee but not later than 30 days after receipt of your written cancellation. This cancellation charge applies to all orders, dispatched or not.

    12. The goods must be returned to us as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after cancellation. If this doesn't occur you will remain liable for the full cost of your order and any other charges, and we may take legal action to recover these.

  7. Damaged / Incorrect Goods:

    1. If goods arrive damaged, you are required to mark the delivery as "Damaged" in order to qualify for our claims procedure.

    2. You must notify us within 24 hours of receipt of a damaged or incorrect consignment so that we can apply our claims procedure. We retain the right to replace the damaged or incorrect goods within 28 days. Should you wish to cancel the order at this stage, the usual cancellation terms and shipping will not be refunded
    3. If the goods are damaged or incorrect, you are required by our terms and conditions to receive the goods and sign for them as "damaged" if damaged and "incorrect" if incorrect. If you or any person acting on your behalf rejects or refuses to accept a delivery regardless, you will be charged any carriage forwarding charges and redelivery charges, as well as a standard administration fee of £30 regardless of the condition in which the goods arrived and regardless of if they are correct.
    4. You are required to send clear photographic documentation of each of the damaged / incorrect goods within 24 hours of receiving those goods in order to be eligible for replacement goods.
    5. You are required to retain ALL goods claimed to be defective, incorrect OR damaged, so that they can be collected by ourselves or the carrier for inspection if required. If the goods are not made available for collection, no compensation nor refund will be provided. If we collect, once they have been returned back to us or our carrier depot, they will be inspected for the claimed damage before a refund may be agreed.
    6. If an order is partially damaged or incorrect, only the damaged or incorrect portion will be replaced and only goods clearly visible and with damage clearly visible in the photographic documentation provided by you, will be replaced.

  8. Fraudulent and Incorrect Claims:

    1. If you make a fraudulent or incorrect damage claim, bank chargebacks, spurious legal claim or payment dispute

      1. we reserve the right to charge you an administration fee of £50 plus legal expenses of £275 per hour + VAT.

      2. if it is necessary to outsource collection of these charges to a debt collection agency, we reserve the right to make additional charges for the recovery of such charges

      3. we may decline further orders from you

      4. we reserve the right to raise additional claims if so due

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