Skirting Board Types

MDF Skirting Boards

The most popular is MDF Skirting Board - the quality of our MDF skirting boards is better than you'd find in the big DIY stores because our MDF is packed more tightly. This results in a more durable and less flaky skirting board with a much better finish.

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Oak Skirting Boards

Oak Skirting Boards offer a beautiful finished wood and are much more durable than MDF. We use only top quality oak and we guarantee there will be no dead knots in the wood. Further our wood contains not more than 1 live knot per meter (on average).

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Pine Skirting Boards

Pine skirting boards are a good middle ground between the low cost of MDF skirting boards and the quality of oak skirting boards. Pine has a wider grain than Oak and is not quite as dense, but still offers a nice wood grain finish and good durability.

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Oak Veneered Skirting Boards

Oak Veneered Skirting Boards provide the Oak finish but on a backing of cheaper MDF. Oak Veneered skirting boards come in at a little more expensive than Pine but with the tighter wood grain. Varnished Oak Veneered MDF Skirting looks almost as good as solid Oak skirting.

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Ash Skirting Boards

Ash is a great choice for a unique and high quality skirting board. It is a slightly cheaper substitute for Oak skirting boards. Ash skirting boards have a slightly wider grain than Oak, with a different character. Ash is a fairly modern hardwood which can be lacquered for a nice finish and will change its colour slightly over time towards a nice golden finish.

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Beech Skirting Boards

Beech skirting boards are light in colour with a speckled grain making it unmistakable. Much modern furniture is made from beech and beech skirting boards will match beech furniture beautifully. Beech is an expensive wood, being better quality than Oak, but is still cheaper than Maple skirting boards. It will easily last for 30 years or more if cared for.

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Walnut Skirting Boards

A rare and unique wood, considered to be the creme de la creme, walnut skirting boards are the absolute top of the range. You will find walnut skirting boards and furniture in the most expensive hotels in the world as it is one of the rarest woods which is still commercially available. Walnut has a deep rich colour and a very decorative grain. Walnut is a very strong dense wood with a very tight grain - it will last in excess of 100 years. Jaguar motors are one of the may car manufacturers that decorate the interior of their cars with Walnut.

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Maple Skirting Boards

Maple has a very attractive light colour and grain variation. It is also used in many car interiors as well as jewelery boxes, as well as its most common use in snooker cues. Maple is a good quality strong hardwood.

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UPVC Skirting Boards

UPVC skirting boards are a modern innovation which can easily be installed over the top of old skirting boards. UPVC (or PVCu as its called in Europe) has revolutionized the window and door industry and we now offer upvc skirting boards too. UPVC skirting boards are cheaper than MDF or wood.

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