Skirting Board Sizes

Generally the most Skirting Board Size measurement is the Skirting Board height.

Skirting Board Height

We can finish skirting boards to any height you request within 1mm tolerance, but we also stock skirting boards in popular heights. Here is a table of skirting board heights* in both imperial and metric

Metric MeasurementsImperial Measurements
100mm Skirting Boards4 Inch Skirting Boards
125mm Skirting Boards5 Inch Skirting Boards
150mm Skirting Boards6 Inch Skirting Boards
175mm Skirting Boards7 Inch Skirting Boards
200mm Skirting Boards8 Inch Skirting Boards
225mm Skirting Boards9 Inch Skirting Boards
250mm Skirting Boards10 Inch Skirting Boards
275mm Skirting Boards11 Inch Skirting Boards
300mm Skirting Boards12 Inch Skirting Boards
*Please note skirting boards are finished at 5mm less than above

Skirting Board Depth

Our standard skirting board depths are 15mm, 18mm and 25mm in MDF and 15mm/18mm in Oak - we can manufacture skirting boards at any depth you need, however custom depths will not quite so good value as our standard depths.

Skirting Board Lengths

Most of our skirting boards come in 2.4m and 3m lengths - Pine skirting boards are usually over 4m lengths, Oak veneered skirting boards come in 4.4m Lengths and UPVC skirting boards come in 5m lengths.
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Skirting on TV!

If you want to see the profiles in full 3D, check out our video site: SkirtingBoards.TV

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