Skirting Board Prices

Skirting Board Prices vary greatly dependent on a few key factors.

Skirting Board Material Prices

The material costs are most likely to effect the price of your skirting boards. Premium woods such as Beech, Maple and Ash are far more expensive than Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF). Oak skirting boards are twice the price of MDF skirting boards for example. Pine skirting boards are a good middle ground between Oak Skirting Boards and MDF skirting boards.

Skirting Board Size Prices

The dimensions of the skirting boards effect the price also - a skirting board at 100mm height is naturally cheaper than a skirting board at 220mm height. Also a thicker skirting boards (22mm rather than 18mm) is also more expensive. Finally the length of the skirting board also affect the price.

Skirting Board Profile Prices

Every skirting board profile will cost the same unless you need us to produce a custom profile. If you are after a custom skirting board profile we will need to produce the profile on our computer system, then machine the tools to produce the skirting boards. We keep our tooling costs to a minimum, and most custom skirting board profiles will cost £100 for tooling. Skirting Board Finishing Prices Hardwood skirting boards will need to be lacquered and MDF skirting boards will need to be primed before painting. We can do this for you in our factory prior to shipping. To have us prime or lacquer your skirting boards for you, expect to pay around 20% extra.
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If you want to see the profiles in full 3D, check out our video site: SkirtingBoards.TV

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