Antique Skirting Boards

Antique Skirting Boards are not, as they suggest, antique or ancient in any sense. In fact, they are very much the range in modern interior design magazine and articles where the designers is going for something that strikes enthusiasm and adventure into new decor. Even if you walk into newly painted offices with a flair of design, you might just see some mouldings on the walls such as our antique skirting profiles. Most often than not, you will see these profiles in a primed mdf skirting and therefore painted white along with other mouldings. However we can make them in any hardwood timber or material you prefer, so just give us a call.
Antique Skirting Boards in MDF, Oak, maple, ash, beech, walnut, cherry and more
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Skirting on TV!

If you want to see the profiles in full 3D, check out our video site: SkirtingBoards.TV

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